1-Day Addiction as Dissociation Model (ADM)

In this training you will be introduced to our Addiction as Dissociation Model (ADM), Path of the Wounded Healer (PWH), and Meeting Area Assessment and Screening (MASA). This training provides an overview and foundational information on the topics and we highly recommend that participants continue with consultations, particularly if the information or topics are not very familiar to them. This training is informational ONLY and skills demonstrated require being engaged in our training program to use with clients. This 1 day introductory training is for anyone who is interested in learning about our work. This training is our orientation and participants can choose to continue for the rest of the training or not. This is intended for people working in the humanities, human resources, and psychology fields. Recovery and Self-Help community are welcome to attend. General public is welcome as well.

ADM was developed by Dr. Adam O’Brien and Dr Jamie Marich and provides our theoretical basis for our work and this training (see O’Brien, 2023).

PWH highlights the universal and spiritual path that we all must take to resolve all of our dissociative and addictive desires before we die.

MASA is a hybrid of the Dissociative Table and common coping skills (Container and Calm Place) found in many different approaches and therapies. We also give guidance on our Two Containers, Photo Album, and Bulk Blink. These skills are performed in a particular order to help screen and assess for current dissociative and addictive dynamics. MASA is how we obtain unconscious informed consent before doing ANY treatments, providing any care, or taking any medicines (particularly psychedelics). We feel that MASA is the best humanistic and qualitative screening and assessment tool for dissociative and addictive presentations and provides everyone involved with an opportunity to become more self-aware of where psychological material resides and how to navigate it.

Class 1: 2/2/24

Class 2: 5/27/24

Class 3: 8/26/24

Cost: $150.00 Earlybird ($200.00 2 months prior to event): HERE

WORKSHOP LOCATION: 255 Lark St Albany NY 12210 and online.

Educational Objectives

·      Upon completion, participants will be able to ADM conceptualization to their personal and professional life.

·      Participants will be able to conceptualize ADM in their personal and professional life.

·      Participants will be able to name at least 3 considerations of dissociation and addiction-informed care.

Day 1 – Schedule:

9-10am –  Greetings and ADM/PWH Orientation

10:15-12pm – Dissociation-Informed Care and Addiction-Informed Care

12-1 – Break

1-2pm – ADM

2-3pm – PWH Phase Model (Neurodynamic Neutrality/Therapeutic Dissociation)

3:15-5pm – PWH Demo/Debriefing