Adam O’Brien PhD is a master in navigating altered states of consciousness and is considered a modern day Healer. He is a trained therapist who found the traditional psychotherapy industry to be a major reflection of the society and through his studies found that Healer is the most appropriate way to categorize his passion, calling, vision, and advocation. He is recreating the profession of Healer because it has been lost to history in our modern age. His passion is educating on healing through the Addiction as Dissociation research, helping others walk the Path of the Wounded Healer, Recovery, advocating for psychedelic medicine and psychedelic research, and freeing the hearts and minds of audiences by activating states of healing. He has developed a presentation that helps viewers explore the nature of the unconscious mind, creative expression, and mental fitness and awareness. 

Dr. Adam trained as a trauma and addiction mental health professional and combines his clinical knowledge with musical improvisation, trance and guided meditation, neural-regulation, to help people bring and condition the psychedelic healing experience into your life. He is a healer poet, standup philosopher, and consciousness facilitator who takes people on a journey through the annals of history and truth and into the heart and soul of your experience.

WHI is a Psychedelic Research and Re-Education Healing Center that performs independent research and offers individual, family, and community based healings. Foundational Addiction as Dissociation Model research has resulted in the development of the Path of the Wounded Healer, which is a phase model of care for transversing altered and dissociative states of consciousness through meditation, creative expression, neuro-regulation, and with legal use of psychedelics as agents of spiritual healing. 

Dr. Adam presents his work in a variety of ways and the best way to get to know him is through the WHI YouTube Channel so you can start learning from him for free or you can find out even more by signing up for our Orientation Class HERE

If you want to engage with Dr. Adam more directly, contact to setup an initial consultation.