Welcome to WHI’s Certified Anger Management Program. 

This program infuses a variety of approaches to help you resolve the roots of your anger. 

Depending on clinical need made during the initial assessment, will depend on what track you go into. 

Track 1: 10-week Anger Management consists of 10-week online classes and individual sessions. 

Criteria for Track 1: Does not have a clinically diagnosable condition directly related to anger. 

Track 2: Based on clinical need this is independently determined and is a hybrid of 10-week Anger Management Class and individual and group sessions. 

Criteria for Track 2: Having a clinically diagnosable condition that is directly related to anger. 

The 12-week online class involves classroom instruction and group.

Pricing: 12-Week Online Certified Anger Management Class: Track 1: $150 a month for classes. Track 2: $300 a month. 

Initial Assessment: $150.00hr (+ $50.00 for urinary analysis (if applicable).

Individual Sessions:

Mark: $30 per half-hour. Adam: $100.00 per half-hour. Groups: $50 per session. 

Program Developed and Performed by Adam O’Brien LMHC, CASAC and Mark Persaud, Intern

Adam O’Brien is a Certified Anger Management Specialist (CAMS-II).

*This program blends mindfulness-based approaches with core tenants of anger management. 

**Brainspotting, Neurofeedback Training, and Cannabis-assisted coaching are available, if clinically necessary and relevant.**

Anger Research: Comparison Study on Anger Management and Path of the Wounded Healers Phase model with Cannabis-based Anger Management. 

For more information regarding our research, please see HERE

Contact Mark at 518-663-3245 or at support@mutualarisingcounseling.org to setup your initial appt.