Welcome to Electric Sitar Kombucha Cannabis Test
AKA: WHI Cannabis Tests
(AKA the Acid Test of the 60's but with Cannabis as the Psychedelic Experience)

This WHI community offering is designed to be a sampler platter of a variety our classes and stress reduction methods like Mindful Meditation, Breathwork, Dancing Mindfulness, Creative Expression, and Spiritual Healing.

WHI offer a ceremonial guide to supporting your ongoing healing. These “tests” help create a spiritual space for your healing. 
There will be a cannabis imbibing ceremony and journeying to live music to aid states of healing to help build resiliency.

Dates: 1st Friday of each Month for 2024.

Hours: 6-9pm EST

Where: 255 Lark St Albany NY 12210 and Online.

Cost $75.00

To register Become an honorary member HERE and the Register HERE (Both of these step must be done to attend.)