From many traditions, the Wounded Healer stands as an eclectic figure of solidarity to all those that are suffering, including themselves.

Welcome to Healing with Wounded Healers!

Are you ready to start or continue your healing practice or wanting to learn healing so you can be self-sufficient? 

We offer personal and professional coaching for your posttraumatic growth, resiliency training, and performance enhancement for those who want to become everything they know they are and believe themselves to be capable of. We perform coaching for health and wellness, relationships, navigating states of (un)consciousness, spirituality, meditation, and normative dissociation and addiction through the lens of the Addiction as Dissociation Model (O’Brien, 2023).

Healing services can included:  Addiction as Dissociation Model, Path of the Wounded Healer, Life and Death (Spiritual), Recovery, Anger Management, Stress Management, Pain Management, Meditation/Mindfulness, Advocacy, Integrative Medicine and Wellness, Shamanistic and Breath, Pain/Chronic Stress-Reduction, Life Story, Creative Arts, Psychedelic Healing Sound Bath; Psychedelic Integration, Transformational Healing, Career, Performance Enhancement, Mindful Stress Reduction, and/or Harm Reduction. 

Check out our Orientation Class and sign up for our honorary newsletter (HERE) for more details about applying. Our healing model supports our Posttraumatic Growth (PTG) Gym

We support people in their ongoing healing from everyday stress (acute or chronic), which we see as helping positive outcomes happen. This model is designed to support your ongoing healing from developmental trauma, normative dissociation, and universal addiction. You can have a diagnosis and engage in our services, as long as it is supportive of your personal and professional goals, and you are current with a medical and/or mental health provider. 

Think of this like a gym membership or a mental health spa… and we will be your personal trainer/teacher or coach. We are also a spiritual center for personal growth and a path to enlightenment. As a member, you will gain access to our wellness classes and other educational resources. 

Our reeducation and wellness model follows the Path of the Wounded Healer, which is academically based on the Addiction as Dissociation Model. You have the option of getting a membership like in a gym or having one-on-one personal coaching or training. Both come with the perks of engaging in our services, which include Neurofeedback training, Bemer with Pulse Electro-Magntic Field (PEMF) technology, spiritual and ritualistic ceremonies, and psychedelic sitting, guiding, and coaching. This is all to support your posttraumatic growth, resilience, and universal healing.

** Recovery Community, Veterans, and First Responders tracks available. 

Posttraumatic Growth (PTG) Gym

PTG Gym membership involves ongoing access to meditation classes, coaching, Bio/Neurofeedback resiliency training, and BEMER technology to help you maintain your health, regulate, and improve your energy levels. Additionally, we offer Sound Baths, Shamanistic Journeying, Nutritional support, Reiki, and Cranio-Sacral (more services coming in the near future). The combination of these services in our PTG gym has clinically shown us that reducing unconscious stress stored in the body helps the mind to recover and ease physical ailments. With ADM and PWH, people become who they know themselves to be. We have seen improvements in a variety of chronic physical and mental health conditions. 

More about Re-education/Healing 

Re-education/healing, in general, offers support to people maintaining their life, personal, and professional goals and helps them to build stamina. Since developmental trauma is not considered a diagnosis (by the medical and psychological industry standards of the day), our stance is that many people are often being treated for a diagnosis that does not (and should not) exist. If the normative range of trauma produces normal responses to common events, then what the helping professions are really doing is treating normal. The education/healing model offers support for the normative ranges of living life on life’s terms and having respect for the living and dying process. This is what we believe society needs because the people we have worked with have told us that this is what they need. Our clinical practice demonstrated to us that 75-90% of therapy is designated to talking about developmental trauma. We have polled hundreds of therapists and providers who report the same percentages. The way we see it, people are addicted to the systems they come from.

We have seen that simply regulating the body through non-clinical means such as meditative reprocessing (our term is mindful dissociation) supports the body’s innate healing system (endocannabinoid system). When we support normative healing, personal and professional growth occurs. If the term “healing” is a term that you need an explanation for, we suggest reading our foundational document: Addiction as Trauma-related Dissociation: A Phenomenological Investigation into the Addictive State (O’Brien, 2023). You can access that HERE

Our educational/coaching and wellness model and path is theoretically based on the Addiction as Dissociation Model and allows for the Path of the Wounded Healer to be revealed. This path is a response to the insights that we gained by doing our doctoral work. These insights are generally outlined in different places, but are also experienced by going through the application and orientation process. It will make more sense the more you go through it. If you need more individual explanation, we recommend doing a consultation session to help with direct questions. Most answers can be found in the orientation process. You can also see our Frequently Asked Questions FAQs.

Addiction as Dissociation Model (ADM) was and is being developed by Adam O’Brien, Ph.D. and Jamie Marich, Ph.D. We will be continuing our research on the ADM to continue to explore transferability to other addictions. The foundational study and the basis for ADM is Adam’s doctoral dissertation (Addiction as Trauma-related Dissociation: A Phenomenological Investigation into the Addictive State (O’Brien, 2023)). We are looking to support peoples understanding of addiction and professionals in their field of understanding. We also advocate for how the lived experience can help produce accurate understandings of the human experience and shared existence. We believe that this will yield a clearer clinical understanding of what people are truly suffering from. PWH is a spiritual, moral, and developmental healing path that offers modern answers for ancient questions.

Wounded Healers Paths:

*Gradually stepping down from Premiere down to Maintenance is the path.

Premiere Path

Premiere (Online): PWH Coaching (class), PTG Gym (class), Podcasts, (4) 2-hour groups, Office Hours, Meditation Schedule = $1,500.00 a month.


Premiere (Local): BEMER (as needed), Weekly NFB, PWH Coaching (class), PTG Gym (class), Podcasts, (4) 2-hour groups, Office Hours, Meditation Schedule = $2,000.00 a month.


Prime Path:

Prime (Online): PWH Coaching (class), PTG Gym (class), Podcasts, (2) 2-hour groups, Office Hours  = $750.00 a month.


Prime (Local): BEMER (as needed), 2x a month NFB, PWH Coaching (class), PTG Gym (class), Podcasts, (2) 2-hour groups, Office Hours = $1000.00 a month.


Maintenance Path:

Maintenance (Online): 1 monthly Coaching individual (self-scheduled), PWH Coaching (class), PTG Gym (class), Podcasts, (1) 2-hour group, Office Hours = $300.00 a month.


Maintenance (Local): 1x NFB month, BEMER (as needed), PWH Coaching (class), PTG Gym (class), Podcasts, (1) 2-hour group, Office Hours,  = $500.00 a month.


*Coaching Individual are as needed. See orientation class for more details: HERE

*NFB = Neurofeedback

*Self-serve NFB and BEMER is available at 255 Lark Street location.