ADM/PWH Consultation

Learn from the unconscious experts...

Are you someone who is looking for direction and understanding in life professionally? Are you looking to gain foundational knowledge on universal healing? Do you want to improve your clinical base knowledge on what it means to work with psychedelic medicine and therapeutic dissociation, or learn enhanced bracketing research techniques? Do you want to learn more about trauma, dissociation, the Addiction as Dissociation Model, and The Path of the Wounded Healer? If you answered yes to any of these, then this is the place to start or restart your Wounded Healer journey…


We offer personal and professional consultation for your posttraumatic growth, resiliency training, and performance enhancement for those who want to become everything they know they are and believe themselves to be capable of. We perform consultation for health and wellness, developmental trauma, integrative medicine for physical and mental health, PTSD trauma, memory reconsolidation, trauma resolution, psychedelic sitting/guiding/therapy/posttraumatic growth, ego states, navigating altered states of (un)consciousness, spirituality, shamanism, and meditation. We also educate on normative and pathological dissociation and addiction through the lens of the Addiction as Dissociation Model (O’Brien, 2023).

We also offer consultation for Brainspotting and EMDR Therapy. 

We recommend that you sign up for our Trauma Resolution Path for more details.

Curious about the ADM? Book a consultation experience to learn about it. In learning it, you will be experiencing it as well, so for this reason, we suggest utilizing our initial contact form and application: HERE 

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Consultation offers support and helps people achieve personal transformation and professional goals. 

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