Welcome to Wounded Healers Institute Training Admissions!

Are you someone who is looking for direction and understanding in life professionally? Are you looking to gain foundational knowledge on universal healing? Are you looking to improve your clinical base knowledge on what it means to be a trauma therapist, work psychedelic medicine into your approach, develop how to utilize therapeutic dissociation, or learn enhanced bracketing research techniques to support or develop your researcher mind? Are you looking to learn more about trauma, dissociation, and the Addiction as Dissociation Model (ADM) and The Path of the Wounded Healer (PWH)? Well, this is the place to start or restart your wounded healer journey…

Our admissions process is for anyone applying to our Wounded Healer’s training program. More information: HERE or you can contact us at: support@woundedhealersinstitute.org

Our training/educational program walks you through the Addiction as Dissociation Model (ADM) and the Path of the Wounded Healer (PWH) in a way that is experiential, embodying, and empowering! We teach the Meeting Area Screening and Assessment (MASA) and help build resiliency with our Principles of Conditioning. We help train therapeutic dissociation with Mindful Dissociation and help all participants learn and master memory reconsolidation for developmental trauma, normative dissociation, and our universal addictions. At our more advanced paths, we explore our Enhanced Bracketing Techniques to help enhance your performance. 

Our mottos are “Doctor, heal thyself…” or “Take it to the medicine” or “Take it to the meeting area”. We see that “The collective unconscious is our teacher” and “We are addicted to creating balance in the world”. “We are here to bring you back to now.”

Our elevator pitch is: “We are a mental health gym and spa” or the longer version “We are a mental health gym that supports people in healing their developmental traumas, normative dissociation, and universal addictions. We educate on our model to help you preserve the selfs you have and the ones you don’t yet. 

Through discourse, self-work, regulation, and preventative regulation measures we help you solidify the Wounded Healer that you are or were meant to become. We help you develop and sharpen your therapeutic dissociation skills by creating a qualitative learning environment to let you explore consciousness and unconsciousness with cannabis products, meditation, breathwork, and creative expression. We educate on navigating altered states of consciousness and how to activate innate states of healing. All human beings have access to these healing states. At the end of the day, we are also educating on how to die by learning how to live.

We typically have 3 categories of people who are contacting us…

1) For people who are looking for on going psycho-education on the Addiction as Dissociation Model (ADM) to support their personal or professional curiosity, we offer our ADM introductory class HERE. We will also be offering workshops and online classes, or we can create a personalized and individualized educational path for you (1:1 education). These educational services are usually for parents, caretakers, organizations, communities, professionals from other disciplines, or informed citizens looking to understand our stance on addiction, why it is important, and how to implement it into your life. These requests fit more with our coaching or consulting models of service. You can access information regarding our Coaching and Consulting. You can fill out the initial contact form HERE and let us know that you would want or need more guidance.

2) For professionals looking to become more proficient in their craft, we offer our Path of the Wounded Healers for professionals, interested citizens, communities, and companies as outlined below (see eligibility section below to see who qualifies).

3) a) For practicing professionals looking to join or work with our team because you have heard of our work and are ready to start learning from us… Our training program is outlined below. See the chart below to see the path that is being laid before you…

WHI Path of the Wounded Healer (PWH) Training Program:


Program Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
PWH 1 Regulation Topics: 1. Mindful Dissociation/ 2. Neurobio- Dynamic 3) Therapeutic Dissociation 1) Opening Orientation ADM/PWH 2) Breath 3) States of Healing 4) Informed-Care 1) Meeting Area w UIC & Hx taking 2) MR 3) Breath /CBD 4) ASC and Psychedelics   1) Meeting Area script 2) Two containers 1) Meeting Area w/ Bulk Blink 1) Self-care 2) Skill building/ Conditioning. Resiliency Building. Review. Closing Ceremony.
PWH 2 Topics: 1. Care Planning 2. Memory Work       Opening Orientation/ Review. ADM/PWH Resetting Orientation/ Affect Circuits   PWH Script 1) Develop Tx/Inter-gen 2) Normative Dissociation 3) Universal Addictions     Parts Self-Work   Toxic Shame     Healthy Shame   Positive Psychology   Recovery 1) Self-care 2) Skill building/ Conditioning. Resiliency Building. Review. Closing Ceremony
PWH 3 Topics: 1. Advanced Memory Work 2. PTG/ Dissociative Lands 3. Recovery     Opening Orientation/ Review   PWH Psychedelic Care   Clinical Dissociation and Addiction Disorders   Advanced Aspects of Dissociative and Addiction Memory PTG/Spa   Recovery Memory Network   1) Self-care 2) Skill building/ Conditioning. Resiliency Building. Review. Closing Ceremony.
PWH 4: Rabbit Hole Consultation EBT CIT and AC Path   Opening Orientation/ PWH and Consultation Consultation EBT Rabbit Hole Into the night Rabbit Hole 1) Self-care 2) Skill building/ Conditioning. Performance Enhancement. Review. Closing Ceremony.

ASC = Altered-States of Consciousness – AC = Approved Consultant – CIT = Consultant in Training – EBT = Enhanced Bracketing Techniques – MR = Memory Reconsolidation – PTG = Posttraumatic Gym/Spa – UIC = Unconscious Informed Consent


Certification and Professional Development Program


PWH Trained Complete PWH 1 and PWH 2 3-hours of individual and 10 hours of group. Participated in all practicums In good standing with WHI and policies. PTG membership available for $500
PWH Certification   Complete PWH1&2&3 Application $150   6 hours of individual or 30 hours of group consult over the course of PWH1-3* *5 yr limit 200 hours session time   LOR At the end of PWH3 in Final Interview w/ Adam Maintain Active PTG Membership $200 yr w/ active solos and volunteering  
Consultant- In- Training Complete PWH 4 6 hours of individual/ 10 group consultations 100 Hours session time   Final Interview w/ Adam Maintain Active PTG Membership $200 yr  
Approved Consultant Complete CIT Application $150   6 hours of individual/ 10 hours of group consultations 100 hours session time Needs WHI Approval Maintain Active Rabbit Hole Membership $200 year
Train- The- Trainer/ Adjunct Faculty N/A Complete AC Shadow 1 Round of PWH 1-2 50 hours of training time Needs WHI Approval Final Interview w/ Adam Maintain Active Rabbit Hole Membership $200 year
PWH Faculty TBD TBD TBD TBD Maintain Active Rabbit Hole Membership $200 year


*Please review and research the whole page before applying.*.


The Wounded Healers Institute fully complies with all local and New York State cannabis laws, and all federal regulations. We are a risk reduction, mindfulness service and an education company. We do not promote illegal activities or provide resources for obtaining illegal substances or illegal psychedelic psychotherapy services.
The Wounded Healers Institute does not provide or sell cannabis for any aspect of our program, training or events, and it is not a retailer, supplier, manufacturer, reseller, distributor, agent, representative or subcontractor of any cannabis supplier or retailer. Our services do not constitute therapy and we do not diagnose or treat mental health. What we do do is provide access to wellness, posttraumatic growth, and resiliency models to employ the spiritual and developmental model of Addiction as Dissociation and use The Path of the Wounded Healer as our guide.

Please direct any inquiries about our services to support@woundedhealersinstitute.org