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Welcome to our Wounded Healers Institute’s Orientation!

In an effort to make our services more accessible to the increasing number of people reaching out (and because a lot of psychology is psycho-education), we are now offering that you get some of your needs met with this Orientation class. This class is intended for potential clients or students and family members to help orient everyone to our approach because what we do is somewhat different to what one might expect. We created this class to help guide you through it. Our intention is to help people connect to healing practices that are effective, supportive, and safe in order to study the findings. If at any time you need to stop and take a break, then please do. If you are in crisis, contact 988 or 911.

Our approach sees that the on-going regulation the body is critical to our overall health and quality of life. We use posttraumatic growth and performance enhancement strategies like developing a meditation practice, utilizing Breathwork techniques and cannabis products to help build resistance with mindful dissociation, resiliency training with biofeedback and Neurofeedback, and BEMER (Pulse-ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF)). Our approach has been developed through the lens of the Addiction as Dissociation Model (ADM).

By signing up for this course, you are actively taking responsibility for your own wellbeing and will not pursue any legal action against the content creators. This is for educational and training purposes. There are more skills available in the last sections of this orientation and if you need medical or life and death attention, call 911, and if it is psychological assistance you need, call 988. This does not constitute therapy as you can google it all the same, however, part of our screening process will provide the necessary screening. Consult a physician, us, or your mental health provider before engaging in these practices.


The Wounded Healers Institute fully complies with all local and New York State cannabis laws, and all federal regulations. We are a risk reduction, mindfulness service and an education company. We do not promote illegal activities or provide resources for obtaining illegal substances or illegal psychedelic psychotherapy services.
The Wounded Healers Institute does not provide or sell cannabis for any aspect of our program, training or events, and it is not a retailer, supplier, manufacturer, reseller, distributor, agent, representative or subcontractor of any cannabis supplier or retailer. Our services do not constitute therapy and we do not diagnose or treat mental health. What we do do is provide access to wellness, posttraumatic growth, and resiliency models to employ the spiritual and developmental model of Addiction as Dissociation and use The Path of the Wounded Healer as our guide.

Please direct any inquiries about our services to