Welcome to WHI Events

Here you will find information regarding our events.

Events include: Public Presentations on our research, Community Healing, Rites of Passage and Ceremonial Offerings, and Cannabis Tests (1st Friday of the Month 6-9pm EST).

*All in-person services, participants are to only imbibe when in WHI ceremony, training, retreat, or class. Participants agree to not come in already under the medicine, other than their prescribed dosage. Participants who attend our services, training, and events agree to not drive again until sober. Participants who imbibe (smoke) cannabis sativa (THC) must wait 3-hours before driving home from our events. People who ingest an edible must wait at least 5-hours before driving. As our services are structured in a way that people imbibe at specific times, peoples last imbibing must be 2-3 hours prior to closure.

People with a valid medical cannabis license, please take your medications as prescribed by your provider and follow your existing care. CBD users can leave at any time. All participants must sign a waiver before attending and before driving home.