Fake Science

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The Brainspotting community approaches another critical crossroads in its development with the publication of “Hypothesis Testing of the Adoption of Pseudoscientific Methods” from the journal Medical Hypotheses (McKay & Coreil, 2024). This is the very same publication where Dr. Grand and Dr. Corrigan presented their proposal on Brainspotting theory (Corrigan & Grand, 2013). Dr. Adam explores how ADM research offers key insights into the academic response needed. This is to show how the lived experience is undeniably academically resilient. In this vlog, WHI explore the basis of qualitative and quantitative research and how our work applies to the modern day conversation around what is real and what is fake. Perspective plays a key role in our analysis and so WHI encourage it for everyone at this juncture.

Check out Dr. Adam’s reaction video: HERE (volume is a little low so headphones are suggested.)

Memory Reconsolidation and Psychedelics Position Paper (PDF download)

Webb Telescope Referenced Video: HERE

By: Adam O’Brien PhD

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