Welcome to WHI Posttraumatic Growth Gym and Spa!

Posttraumatic Growth Gym/Spa (PTG) is a concept developed (and being developed) by Dr. Adam O’Brien. At our gym and spa, we provide a mental health gym to do exercises and a healing/wellness spa where you can learn to heal yourself. Participants (clients or professionals) do specific exercises to maintain their posttraumatic growth, build resilience, and enhance their performance. We also teach people to do self-work/maintenance with altered states of consciousness, dissociative healing states (mindful dissociation), and legal psychedelic medicines. This helps provide ongoing maintenance to support preparation and integration. 
As a part of PTG, we require coaching from our team of professionals. Conscious and Unconscious Informed Consent are required. 
 PTG is supported by our research and training endeavors. 

As we work with altered states of consciousness, we all need a place to workout and exercise our conscious and unconscious minds. When we go through the process of healing our known wounds, it becomes time to start working on the wounds we don’t see or can’t feel. Essentially, we all need to become the Wounded Healer in order to understand who and what we are.

We offer online wellness classes and trainings on how to use dissociative healing states to maintain your mental health and wellness. We will sometimes utilize cannabis as a psychedelic, as a healing medicine, and in a community at our public events so people can experience a medicine journey. We have an application process. You can access the application: HERE

If you are interested in learning more about our research and work, we recommend you sign-up for our NEWSLETTER and then start taking the Admissions HERE

Classes consist of learning meditation practices, Breathwork, memory healing, creative expression, and mindful dissociation.

Prerequisites to join PTG Gym and Spa: Training Application (above), application interview and acceptance, Mindful Meditation or Mindful Meditation +, or completion of PWH 1, with interview process.

For people or professionals looking to be trained in our Path of the Wounded Healer (PWH) approach, please find more information: HERE

If you are interested in reading our research, you can do that: HERE

All of our services recognize that people may have active diagnoses or may be involved in other therapies while accessing our services. We do not discriminate and will work with anyone. We do not and will not diagnose or confirm diagnosis(es) because we are non-pathologizing. Based on our research, we are able to recognize true pathology more clearly. We do not provide therapy or treatment for the self-identified or medically-identified conditions that people might have and/or are currently being treated for by another provider. We are for people who are looking to maintenance their care, enhance their level of functioning with our designated methods, access our supportive philosophy, or have a more mind-body-spirit approach (based in mindfulness). Our methods include approaches that naturally support memory reconsolidation and/or re-coding through body-mind-spirit regulation, help build resiliency through mental and physical training, and perform preventative maintenance. We use a combination (phase model PWH that we are developing) of non-therapeutic methods such as Neurofeedback training, Brainspotting’s expansion model, BEMER technology, and help people use legal psychedelic medicines to enhance wellness and posttraumatic growth potential. In certain research conditions, we can perform, under our clinical licenses, clinical care but that is solely for the purpose of research. Clinical use of these methods may be employed by trained or approved professionals for the purposes of research and program development (our research lab (lovingly labelled the Rabbit Hole)). Lastly, we also network with professional healers who do Polarity Therapy, CranioSacral, Reiki, Yoga, Dancing Mindfulness (Dr. Jamie Marich developed), Breathwork, Acupuncture, and Chiropractic for consultation and bodywork.