Developed by Dr. Adam O'Brien and Dr. Jamie Marich, the Addiction as Dissociation Model (ADM) offers a practical conceptualization of addiction as dissociation and explores how both of these phenomena are predicated on unresolved trauma and ongoing stress. Because these phenomena run the range from normative to pathological and are transdiagnostic, our research centers on combining quantitative research with the lived experience, or qualitative analysis, and phenomenological design.

Acknowledging that the unconscious is the body and the consciousness is the mind, we utilize enhanced bracketing techniques and therapeutic dissociation to explore different states of consciousness relating to dual attention and wakeful and restful states of healing. Our research highlights the wisdom of unconscious expression and explores new ways to perform qualitative and quantitative research.


Current Proposed Studies: 1)Addiction as Dissociation Model (ADM) Program Development and Review: Ongoing qualitative exploration of the normative spectrum of trauma and addiction. 2) The Meeting Area Screening and Assessment (MASA): A Qualitative Journey to the Quantitative Reality. 3) Longitudinal Study of Addiction as Dissociation Model and Path of the Wounded Healer. 4) Anger Management and Cannabis-based Anger Management: A Comparison study. 5) Alpha Waves and States of Healing.

Potential study’s:  1) Cannabis-based Batterer Program: Exploration of best practices with Addiction as Dissociation Model. 

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